Friday, November 17, 2006

Nokia 6280 Black Out

Nokia 6280 Black Out

There appears to be a problem that can occur with some Nokia 6280. I am not the first to notice this. When SMS or MMS memories are full or scrolling the Menu the handset suddenly blacks out. For an examiner this can imply the examination has somehow gone wrong, causing blood pressure to rise and an increase pulse and heart rate. It appears to be a fault with some (I hasten to add, not all) 6280 handsets and therefore it is suggested you note it down in your contemporaneous examination notes for mobile telephone evidence.

Do remember for evidential purposes, in fairness not only to the Judge and Court, prosecution and defence, do remember to identify the offending device for the purposes of "originality and genuineness":

A) Man-Machine Interface Code *#06# (compliant with GSM02:30 Presentation of IMEI)

B) Handset Software Code *#0000# (manufacturer specific code)

C) Warranty Code *#92702689# (manufacturer specific code)

Send an email to me (do not send the IMEI - handset serial number) and I will happily publish the list here of handsets found to have this problem.

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