Saturday, November 18, 2006

Motorla A1000

Motorola A1000

A problem that has been noted with the A1000 is that the handset itself can bounce into auto reset and lose data: images, SMS, contacts, videos etc are wiped from the handset memory. One cause for to this problem - where the handset has been re-charged and leaving the charger switched ON and booting up the handset can cause this to happen. It is an intermittent fault apparently.

Another is, attempting to back-up data by transferring data to a computer it has been noted an error message can occur stating:

"Backup Error: Failed to analyse differences between the handset and the PC (0x8000ffff)"

loss of data on some handsets has been noted.

Re-flashing the handsets may solve these problems (but the previously stored data following both instances above might be lost). This doesn't assist the examiner though if these events occur whilst examining an exhibit.

Remember to note it down, that where a device under test (DUT) is known to have problems to refer to the known problems in examination notes.

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