Sunday, April 24, 2011

Faraday containers found unsafe

Faraday containers found unsafe

A report that focuses on the results, following conducted practical tests, on the reliability of mobile phone shielding devices (eg 'faraday' containers) found the device shielding failed in a number of instances that the author of the report placed under test and did not prevent RF signalling reaching the test mobile phones inside the containers, the findings in this recently published paper suggests:

The implications might require that an 'impact assessment' on evidence that is seized and placed in shielding devices at the scene of a crime and transported from Police Station to Police Station etc may need to be 'reconducted'. The findings in the report raise the notion whether published Guidelines advocating the use of shielding devices may now need to identify exactly the tests and research considered prior to adopting published policy on the use of shielding devices, although it is unclear at present whether that will happen at all.

Whilst the report dealt primarily with external factors (radio communications) and how the shielding devices  coped with them, it also includes some other influences shielding devices can have on touch screen mobile phones, for example.

There have previously been mixed reviews about shielding devices and their impact on seized evidence that is left switched ON within shielding containers: 

If a mobile phone is already OFF, or is switched OFF at the point of seizure, then such shielding devices shouldn't be necessary at that particular juncture.

Easter Remembered

Easter Remembered

I thought I would post this as in the news this Easter period it has been suggested Christian beliefs are declining. This may be so, or it might not be so. Britain has had to absurb some huge changes of the last two decades, cultural and otherwise, with little or no time to stop and pores for thought and to understand what those changes actually meant and mean.

I am not so sure that Christian belief is declining or any other faith-belief for that matter. Merely people are walking away from confrontation where religious beliefs, that are deeply personal to each of us, are used daily as political or scaremongering ends of some sort or other. 

This poem was given to me at Easter when I was sixteen. I enjoy the poem as I like the connotation the name 'Abou Ben Adams' brings. For it seems not to matter if the person is black, white, brown, yellow..., christian, muslim or jew...., and so on. All these matters are set aside to express a personal wish, a desire, a belief. As Easter is the time to remember in the Christian calender this poem reflects many of the doctrines set out in the tenets of the Christian faith. It may also be reflected in the tenets of many other faith-beliefs, too.  

Abou Ben Adam, may his tribe increase,
Awoke one night from a sweet dream of peace,
And saw within the moonlight in his room,
Painting it rich, like a lilly in bloom
An Angel wirting in a book of gold.
Exceeding peace had made Ben Adam bold,
And to the presence in the room he asked,
"What writeth thou", the vision raid its head,
 And with a look made of all sweet accord, replied,
"The names of those who love the Lord".
"And is mine one" said Abou?
"Ney no so replied" the Angel.
Abou spoke more low, but cheerily still and said,
"I pray thee then, write me as one who loves his fellow men".
The Angel wrote and vanished.
The next night it came again with a great wakening light
And showed teh names of those whom love of God had blessed
And lo, Ben Adams name led all the rest.

I trust everyone had a great St George's Day, yesterday, 23rd April 2011