Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quarter of a Million

Quarter of a Million

Given the vast numbers using the internet finding trewmte.blogspot must seem like trying to find a grain of sand on a beach or winning the national lottery, yet I am very pleased to see the content at my blog has now been read by over a quarter of million viewers in just over six years.

It really is gratifying to see from the early days in later 1980s when it was possible to count on two hands the number of examiners involved the profession up to today where there are thousands of people involved in this branch of forensic science and mobile phone examination, generally, that the viewers of this blog are a testament to the growth in our profession.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to drop in and see my observations and reporting on mobile phone forensics, evidence, data discovery and commentary about the technological changes that have and are taking place.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


ForensicMobex has moved to MTEB LinkedIn Group as a subgroup:

Stakeholder Information
Mission Statement: Expert discussion group relating to the examination of and/or evidence from mobile/smart phones, PDAs/IPODs/IPADs/USB, SIM/USIM and other storage devices. The use of logical or physical procedures; the relevation of harvested data; use programs and other tools; interpretation of data.

Mission Aims & Objectives of this group: to improve communications between experts, assist diagnostic approach and build issues of professional interest, as well as improving knowledge skills and awareness.

This group is at all times company, make/model, OS, tool, platform and app neutral. You, the Stakeholder, warrants to MTEB, MTEB ForensicMobex SIG and the owner of the group that you undertake to indemnify MTEB, MTEB ForensicMobex SIG and the owner of the group regarding the distribution and use of material where it holds copyright invested in it.

By joining this group each member becomes a stakeholder in the group and agrees to regular active participation, which is monitored regularly. A stakeholder who fails to contribute meaningful content such as knowledge and/or experiences, identify research papers (with links) and/or materials/tools identification etc then membership will be suspended. This policy has been agreed to ensure fairness to all contributor members.

*We do NOT accept impersonal anonymous IDs, recruiters and HR people
*We do NOT accept students unless they demonstrate prior skills and experience
*We do NOT accept those with less than 5 connections to other LinkedIn members.

If your Profile doesn't immediately convince us that you have the skills and experience outlined we will NOT admit you.

Listing a job title or role, owning or managing a business or one of its departments in your Profile is not enough to join. We want to know that you have the skills and experience to fit in with one of the best expert groups on LinkedIn.

Please make sure your profile is up to date before applying for membership.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A European Focused Mobile Consumer Survey

A European Focused Mobile Consumer Survey

Informa Telecom and Media have published the results of their Smartphone Usage and Behaviour Survey 2012 conducting the survey in four european countries UK, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands .

The results for the UK identified the brand of mobile phone owned in particular age groups.

The responses to the survey confirm that the smartphone market in the UK is segmented and therefore mobile operators attempting to forecast device usage and data/services activity may require enabling customers the selection and choice of a range of platforms to sink their teeth into optimising any consumer initiative to enable the growth of smartphones to continue.

For examiners the survey illustrates that predominantly the smartphones to be examined fall into a fairly small category, which could be quite useful for forecasting future examinations and, in particular, the expenditure on tools etc.

Blackberry Enterprise Solutions

BB Manuals and Guides

For me, at any rate, using this link probably leads to the best way to get instant access (that is at a glance, click the link) to manuals and guides specific to versions of Blackberry Enterprise Solutions -

There is also further BB support links to various manuals and help here: and for the Blackberry knowledge base here: