Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A European Focused Mobile Consumer Survey

A European Focused Mobile Consumer Survey

Informa Telecom and Media have published the results of their Smartphone Usage and Behaviour Survey 2012 conducting the survey in four european countries UK, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands http://www.informatandm.com/mobile-consumer-survey/ .

The results for the UK identified the brand of mobile phone owned in particular age groups.

The responses to the survey confirm that the smartphone market in the UK is segmented and therefore mobile operators attempting to forecast device usage and data/services activity may require enabling customers the selection and choice of a range of platforms to sink their teeth into optimising any consumer initiative to enable the growth of smartphones to continue.

For examiners the survey illustrates that predominantly the smartphones to be examined fall into a fairly small category, which could be quite useful for forecasting future examinations and, in particular, the expenditure on tools etc.

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