Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nice to recommend Lee Bowdler Richard Body & Co

Nice to recommend Lee Bowdler Richard Body & Co
A little while back I wrote about a Barrister and Barristers' Chambers to highlight that it is still an important commodity to recognize and thank people for the work they have done ( It is a commodity that, at times, seems to be in very short supply in this day and age, but a commodity I am not intending to give up.

One of the pleasures with having a blogspot is to be able to write nice things about nice people. I have just finished a case down in Hastings Sussex and I had the absolute privilege of working with a really excellent professional Mr Lee Bowdler of Richard Body and Co Solicitors. Throughout my expert engagement with this firm I could not have been treated better and the support I received from Lee was first class.

When I needed evidence relating to cell site analysis, as long as I could demonstrate to him why I needed it and its relevance to his client's case, Lee went and got it. Even when this meant taking people to task who were wasting his time; Lee always supported his expert. By way of illustration, specific details we asked about particular radio coverage and the technical arrangements at particular Masts, which I know some have said on the defence and prosecution wasn't obtainable, was in fact available and obtainable - you just have to ask the right questions, pay for it and have the legal privilege to obtain it.

To me this was a first class performance from Lee Bowdler and the solicitors practice of Richard Body and Co. As this solicitors practice works in criminal law and employment law in the Sussex, Surrey and London area, should anyone need legal assistance I would certainly recommend contacting Lee at this firm.

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