Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Incredible this idea of 'blogging'. Think of something, you can simply write it down and share it with the world.

I heard a joke recently that made me laugh.

A man in hospital after a serious operation. Lying in his recovery bed, post op, the nurse walks in with a bowl and flannel.

The patient has a ventilator mask on and says to the nurse:

"Are my testicles black?"

The nurse looks embarrassed and says:

"I don't know Sir! I am here to bathe your face and feet."

The patient says, "but are my testicles black?"

The nurse says, "Well, let me look".

She pulls back the bed covers and examines the man's testicles - lifts, rummagaes around, looks, places them back and puts the bed covers back - and replies

"No, they look alright to me Sir!"

The patient removes the ventilator mask and says:

"Thank you nurse, that was very nice, but I asked: Are My Test Results Back?"

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