Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Super Ghost SIM

Interesting product but which 3F002FE27F206F07 would be relevant? ... happy mobile telephone evidence hunting...

Super Ghost SIM

- NEW FEATURE! Switch between SIMs via the phone's menu!
- NEW FEATURE! Option to auto switch between SIMs every 1-99 minutes
- use the manual sim selection option if you don't want to auto switch
- allows you to use two SIM cards in one phone
- no need to cut your SIM card like with similar products
- more convenient than removing your back cover/battery every time you want to swap SIM cards
- combine business/personal lines and address books on one handset
- switch between networks easily - no more coverage problems!
- take advantages of cheaper rates from different phone companies
- saves your previous calls, received calls, time and date settings etc.
- new ultra slim design - sits inbetween your battery and back cover
- no need to replace your phone's back cover - the ghost SIMs sit inbetween your battery and standard back cover
- works with all SIMs (including 3)
- can be used to add another 200 contacts to your phone book via the second sim card (sim dependent)
- works with virtually all makes and models
- also known as dual SIMs/twin SIMs


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