Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not always the right moment

Not always the right moment
A moment in the life of a forensic engineer

Being involved in forensics has its moments and compensations, but that benefit does not extend to immunity from discussing matters with numbskulls that one may encounter from time to time along the way .

One forensic forum I belong to has been running short of topical discussion laterly, so out of the goodness of my heart I posted some information about a Postal and other scams that are currently in vogue at the moment. The intention of this was to highlight various elements of the scams involved. That being postal fraud, social engineering and call charging fraud etc etc. I had hoped at least these elements would be of sufficient interest to stimulate debate... but owwwwwwwwww noooooooooo!!! Do you think we even got that far?

Stone me, if one of the forum members doesn't start to get all arsy about it.

"The prices you quoted for the call fraud are wrong blah blah blah", he wrote.

"Errr no", I said, "this information is from a known scam and being mentioned just for the discussion about the postal and other scams. You know, just trying to analyse the elements of the crimes and all that..."

Would you believe it, this cheeky blighter only writes back "And you need to go an do some research"

Well I thought, you can push off 'n' all.

Geeze, you try to join in, help out and do your bit, and then get lumbered with a right artist like that.

Not exactly CSI Miami is it?

Mind you, a friend of mine who works in this business goes around wearing Sunglasses and keeps mentioning the name Horatio. I asked him whether he was hinting at HMS Victory on its summer holiday?

I'm dreading the time he turns up wearing a Sombrero...

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