Tuesday, November 07, 2006

U8120 secret Java Menu

U8120 secret Java Menu

- Access the menu, go to Applications
- Then select Setting No.3
- Type in the 3698*#*, which reveals a secret java menu
- Then select Setting No.1 (which should be disable)

Having connected the handset to LG Phone Manager reveals a Java folder, not previously seen, that is now visible. Whilst the new folder can be used for uploading games, it isn't difficult to work out that other data may be hiding on the handset, particularly where the above processes is reversed and the java folder is then hidden again, the handset *may* not recognise, thus not display, any uploaded data under this folder.

As with any matters like this, there are a number of cautionary warnings:

1. This is only for discuss and is not an instruction, advice or anything else to go out and start implementing this info...no guarantees are provided, either express or implied.
2. As with any issues not anticipated by a handset manufacturer, when it becomes general knowledge (this matter was known in 2005), a particular handset manufacturer may alter any later versions of the same model to prevent access..
3. If you do not know what you are doing when playing with your own handset or someone else's, then DONT do it.

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