Friday, November 17, 2006

Robbers use Camera Cell Phones

Robbers use Camera Cell Phones

According to newsfeed following a story printed in the Philippine Daily Inquirer "ROBBERS have also gone high-tech, using cell phones equipped with cameras to spot potential victims."

Apparently, a "syndicate" that operates on the Philippine railway system take photographs of their "would-be victims" using the camera on the cell phone. The photo then gets forwarded to "accomplices" who then "stage a holdup" by positioning themselves near the "ticket booth" waiting for people to take out their wallets to pay for tickets.

"The spotter would then follow the intended victim inside the train and then call or text or send a photo of the victim to their members on the ground. When the target gets off the train, one of the robbers would drape his arm around the victim’s shoulder while another would get the contents of the victim’s bag."

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