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(U)ICC/(U)SIM Script Commands and Responses

(U)ICC/(U)SIM 3F00 7F10 6F4A

3GPP UICC/USIM script selecting Master File, Dedicated File and Elementary File

GSM ICC/SIM script selecting Master File, Dedicated File and Elementary File

Reason for script test : defining an examination procedure to isolate and test a single elementary file; determine the EF's status, file structure, coding etc; conrroborate the ability of the (U)ICC/(U)SIM to action responses from commands sent to card; provide corroborating evidence of commands sent to the card to demonstrate evidential integrity (transparency of practices and procedures); testing the examination card reader is functioning correctly; QA procedures. 

Script examination tool used : USIM Commander -

Relevant Core Diplomas:-

Aims : MTEB Diploma for Mobile Evidence QA and Evidence Handling - Mobile Telephone Diploma Core CQAE1

Objectives : Device Maintenance and Calibration; Examination Procedure

Aims :  MTEB Diploma for SIM and USIM Technology Examination - Mobile Telephone
Diploma Core CSUT2

Objectives : Your understanding of roles and responsibilities and the importance of
appropriate practices and procedures for SIM and USIM Technology
Examination for acquiring evidence.

Reference Standards :
GSM11.11/3GPP TS51.011/3GPP TS31.102,
GSM11.17/3GPP TS51.017/3GPP TS31.120/3GPP TS31.121/3GPP TS31.122,

EU MTEB Diploma Student Note : Remember to check with ETSI Standards e.g. TS102.221 etc

US MTEB Diploma Student Note : Diploma Students remember to check e.g. C.S0065-0 v1.0, C.S0074-0 v1.0, C.S0074-A v1.0, N.S0009-0 v1.0, S.R0095-0 v1.0 etc

Generically speaking, apart from GSMA and 3GPP, there is also 3GPP2 which also includes ARIB, CCSA, TIA TTA, TTC that all have conditions that can impact/influence results on (U)ICC/(U)SIM.

The discussion under (U)ICC/(U)SIM Script Commands and Responses is one of a number that will appear here to assist Diploma students with their course work.

The latest MTEB Diploma Modules Guide MTEdipl 2.2 can be downloaded here:

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