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MTEB Diploma CSUT2 Partner


Diploma for SIM and USIM Technology Examination
Mobile Telephone Diploma Core

Partner Support
The Mobile Telephone Examination Board (MTEB) are pleased announce that Quantaq Solutions ( have agreed to be the MTEB Diploma CSUT2 Partner. Quantaq Solutions role is as a "Partner Support". This role entails

- providing trial copies of software
- respond to technical enquiries that a student may require to make

to assist with the student's Diploma.

Moreover, Quantaq Solutions will host an MTEB webpage solely for use by MTEB Diploma Students so that students can have acess to the software and post questions to seek technical assistance.

Quantaq logoMTEB selected to work with Quantaq Solutions as a "Partner Support" because of their existing experience with (U)SIM/smart card examination tools, their range of independent, stand-alone tools to analyse (action commands/receive responses) on SIM/Smartcard and their highly regarded technical knowledge and experience in the fields of:

SIM, smartcards, NFC, RFID, M2M, location, DRM, security, cryptography, Mobile Wallet, technology, innovation, patents, technical design authority, standardisation, proof-of-concepts and software development

Gary Waite

Leading the "Partner Support" on behalf of Quantaq Solutions is Gary Waite. Gary is very well known in the mobile forensics arena for his work on the tools the (U)SIM forensic tools USIM Detective (USIM-D) and USIM Detective Professional (USIM-DP).

His experience and technical background further underpin his credentials of his expertise:
- Founder of Quantaq Solutions
- Past Vice Chair of the Smart Card Group GSM Association
- Test software supplier to Global Certification Forum (GCF) Field Trial Guidelines
- Authored the original ETSI GSM 11.17 standard. This standard formalised the core test processes and procedures for SIM Cards and remains at the heart of (U)SIM testing, programming and examination today.
- First to introduce recording in CUST File (EF) a particular handset's IMEI on SIM Card, which is important, evidentially
- Employed as Technology Manager for the last 11 years with a well know international Mobile Network Operator
- Skilled in C/C++/Java
- Holds a Degree from the University of Abertay Dundee - Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering

Free trial access to the following tools will be made available to Diploma Students. 

USIMdetective -
USIMexplorer -
USIMexplorer -
USIMprofiler -

Diploma for SIM and USIM Technology Examination
Mobile Telephone Diploma Core

The latest MTEB Diploma Modules Guide is MTEdipl 2.2 can be downloaded here:

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