Saturday, September 14, 2013

Considering Clone Test SIM Card Tools

Considering Clone Test SIM Card Tools

There have been a few mentions about clone test Sim Cards at this blog raising observations as to possible issues that may be useful to know.  

Yet further observations examiners may find useful to consider are whether it is necessary for a cloned test SIM Card tool to produce identical files, structure and format for every clone test card produced or whether the make/model of handset can influence e.g. the number of files etc necessary to gain access to a handset's memory? Cust_Files pre-generated on a cloned test card should be included or excluded from consideration regarding the number of GSM/3GPP EFs identified on a cloned test card? The importance, if any, of the evolution in a clone test card's development?

Below are two screen dumps, following examination using just one (U)SIM Card Reader, from two different clone test SIM Cards supplied by different manufacturer with their tools that provide a useful visual indicator when placed in context with the above observations. The observations above and the images below are not published to suggest a problem with a particular clone test SIM Card or tool. The observations are for the purpose should two different examiners use two different clone test SIM Cards and tools to generate evidence which one would be more pertinent for use when accessing memory on a particular handset etc?      

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