Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blocked SIM

A regular question that arises, "is it possible to bypass a PIN blocked SIM card?"

For a quick solution it is best to go to the operator to obtain a PUK code where there has been 3 CHV1 attempts and access is now blocked.

If it is 10 CHV1 attempts and blocked ([unless you know and have the test tools to e.g. slow the card]) then the operator may request that you send it to them and they in turn (depending upon their security level) may need to send it to the (U)ICC producer / manufacturer.

Today's UICC (using improved silicon and security techniques) have significant security improvements within each operator's card where there are various levels of electronic counter-measures (traps doors/dead-man's trap etc). Many of us (including me) simply cannot access certain areas of the UICC unless a flaw in the security is discovered. Unless you are confident of what you know and what you are doing, my observation is take the safest route.

None of the opinions I express originate based upon my gut feeling about a particular matter. I research, like others, to establish the industry security protocols, practices and procedures and then consider the position from there. It is important to bare in mind that forensics and evidence is not about hacking everything in sight or writing a program to extract data but to be aware and comprehend how industry standard bodies intended security should be implement, which norms the manufacturer and operator follow and whether following implementation security flaws occur.

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