Sunday, October 20, 2013

MTEB CSA Fundamentals Training

The MTEB has received an increase in the number of enquiries about fundamental (core) training in Cell Site Analysis.

It could be useful for readers to be reminded in brief, scoping CSA requires applying a wide-ranging methodology incorporated in the investigation and analysis of mobile device activity and mobile communications. That means a CSA participant needs to understand:

- the science operating behind and underpinning CSA
- identifying forensic stepping stones for CSA
- evidence produced for CSA
- reporting on the findings from the conducted CSA.

None of the MTEB subject headers (below) on the course for each of the sections takes precedence over another as all topic elements in the course requires the investigator/examiner/expert to:

- constantly balance and accommodate all of the investigation elements and lines of enquiry
- correlate constants vis-a-vis ambiguities and determine the findings in each of the topics and confirm what the combined findings mean from all topics when aggregrated
- findings should support and cooroborate / deny and disprove the investigation outcome set out in the engaging party's instructions.

MTEB Cell Site Analysis Fundamentals Course
[]GSM []GSM/(W)CDMA/ []GSM/(W)CDMA/LTE []Other Bespoke Networks

Section 1 Introduction - CSA Fundamentals
Section 2 Legal and Technical Frameworks
Section 3 Guidelines, Specifications, Standards. Reference Sources etc
Section 4 PLMN - Mobile Network Installation and Mobile Elements
Section 5 Originating evidence
Section 6 Cross-referencing originating sources of evidence
Section 7 Techniques/skills for Cell Site Identification
Section 8 Techniques/skills for Cell Site Analysis
Section 9 Techniques/skills for Radio Results Analysis
Section 10 Final Analysis and Reporting

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