Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cellular Transmission Technology

Here are two test sheets identifying a range of cellular transmission technologies for CSA beginners and practitioners. It requires going through the charts to identify the accuracy of the information recorded in them and identify the relevant mobile network operators. It means researching not simply at the mobile network operators' websites, but researching the standards, etc etc etc.

A key aim and objective with CSA is to remember to start out being as thorough as you possibily can and create a very, very long list of all the elements you expect identified and what information you expect to be revealed from the elements and what has actually been revealed from the other side in evidence.

When visiting the discussion various forums discussions can often refer to a technical point but the relevant and specific cellular transmission technology is not identified. The problem this creates is quite often reference to mobile communication 'commands' and 'responses' can be transferred between cellular transmission technology. To assist with these complexities the cellular transmission technology test sheets 1 and 2 identify researched information and you have to find out whether all the information and supporting information is accurate or not. The sense of achievement is guaranteed in the finding out as opposed to confirming to the world look what I know. Have a go and see how much you think you know - what have you got to lose.

Special thanks for all the help from the superb information made available by various sources but not limited to the following organisation GSMA, 3GPP/2, TIA/EIA; Regulatory bodies; the various mobile network operators around the world; Alcatel, Andrew, Anite, Anritsu, Ericsson, Huawei, Jaybeam, Kathrein, Nec, Nokia, Nortel, Siemens, Zapp.

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