Sunday, March 20, 2016


Frequently data recovery work undertaken is on eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) found in a large number of the smartphones and memory sticks etc. on the market. I was asked what tool I would use for working with e.g. eMMC. One tool that is most frequently turned to is Up-n-Up UP828P Ultra Programmer ('P' is the latest version).

The hardware reader which can be found here It supports the newest types of FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH, MoviNAND, iNAND , eMMC etc., in addition, the BOOT area of iNAND, eMMC and MoviNAND can be read and written

Also required are the chip adaptors

And if you want to try your hand with iPhone there are adaptors for them too.

Of course, once an image has been acquired soft tools are still needed to read and interpret the data. Chip removal from iPhone (depending upon version involved A6, A8) would be problematical where data are encrypted.

Evidentially, do not experiment with exhibits (seized items) to avoid contaminating or corrupting data on the chip. Instead take the common path to chip exploration and obtain second-hand devices to gain your experience.

The above does not include additional hardware and tools used for the actual chip removals.

Hope this helps.

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