Saturday, March 19, 2016

Exploration - missing the micro-evidence

If you are new to or have all but forgotten the humble (U)SIM Card now maybe as good time as any to refresh on the physical state of (U)SIM Card, in particular the hardware, so to speak.

To assist that refresh process, below are links to previously published materials that investigators and examiners might find useful:

It has been noted that such is the sophistication of attackers skillsets in areas, e.g. in-card listening devices, the skillsets applied borders on high-academic results that to the untrained eye could miss a forgery. [Images courtesy of Houda Ferradi, Rémi Gérau d, David Naccache, and Assia Tria: When Organized Crime Applies Academic Results. A Forensic Analysis of an In-Card Listening Device]

Hope this helps

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