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SIM/USIM Research Materials

Research Materials
I shall be posting material (example below) I have gathered from my research over the last 20 years that students, examiners and experts may find of use. Some of the materials to be posted I couldn't find when I searched the Internet recently. Whether that is down to me not searching enough or information held in web-based wall-gardens or the information is no longer available, it would be a pity to let that research fade into obscurity. Where I can identify authors of materials posted I shall do so. But if I cannot do that then by posting I am not declaring someone elses work or their material are my creation. I am just sharing what is and in some case what was freely distributed over the years. 

Trial and Error
When considering historical material it can provide a useful background insight, whilst at the same time nuture the interest to experiment and offers a knowledge base that may be needed or useful to know when approaching trial and error tests/experimentation.

Past Solutions Future Answers
One last point. A re-occuring theme, when considering digital evidence or forensic methodology or, even, how to apply examination techniques, is that solutions to problems, conundrums or perceived diametrically opposing facts can often be found by studying early developments in particular technologies. The approach that the manufacturer applied to the technology or how research and application found another way through may provide the solution for students, examiners and experts.

(NOTE: The only details I have for the Author "brka". The email and website are no longer active. It is possible that the test materials are compiled from different sources and brought together in one source file. Some of the materials seemed to be have recognisable or at least similar designs to that created by the known programmer/developer "Dejan"). 

Once when you make TEST SIM using test_sim.hex you can:

          Entering into TEST mode

Insert TEST SIM in your phone.
Power ON phone.
When phone ask for PIN, type 5555
Then, the phone displays "CHECK CARD",
and then Power-Off the phone and Power-Up
The phone will enter into the TEST mode ....
(it can Register on ANY network ... but no Phone calls
can be done)

          Entering into CLONE mode (SP Unlocking)

Insert TEST SIM in your phone.
Power ON phone.
When phone ask for PIN, type 1111
Phone will display "CHECK CARD"
Wait for few seconds and turn OFF phone!!!
Now turn phone ON and phone will be in CLONE Mode!

Clone Mode works on all Motorola phones!

          SP Unlocking

Once you are in Clone Mode, type  03# and phone will be unlocked.
NOTE!  SP unlocking work on all Motorola phones made before Sep.98!!!
It even works on some of CD920 and CD930 ....

Try it and please write me the results ....
(I found that the phones that IMEI ends with 0 can be unlocked !)

TEST SIM can be made with PIC 16F84 (16C84) wafer card.

This test file is still available on the internet

PICkit -

Propic2 Clone -

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