Saturday, March 15, 2014

SIM Test Card Hardware Layouts

Interface for ASIM

README       This file.
EMUSIM.BMP   Artwork of Smart Card sized PCB
MAX232.BMP   Artwork of Smart Card sized PCB whith MAX232
MAX232LY.GIF Parts placement guide of max232 pcb.
CIRCLAY.GIF  Parts placement guide.

The bitmap file can be loaded into Windows Paintbrush then printed. They
are drawn 1:1 at 300 dpi so make sure you click "Use printer resolution" and
the Laser printer is set to 300 dpi before you print. The artwork is drawn as
seen from the copper side. It can be printed on a transparency as is and used
directly in a positive photo etch. The copper side of PCB not touches the
toner side of transparency.

by Giulio Cesare

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