Sunday, March 16, 2014

Range of radio test measurement results

I ridiculous as this may read, until I started publishing at my various blogspot I didn't realise that hoarding information is actually NOT a very good idea. Mark Twain once said (my paraphrase) 'the best thing to so with information is pass it on'. A reference to the fact that the older the information becomes the less useful it can be. I have equally found that during disucssion and debate it quite often occurs the other party will deny something not because they have knowledge and/or experience but rather the lack of them. Maybe the ruse is get research without doing any work or alternatively the person genuinely lack knowledge and experience thus didn't believe certain information existed.

Whilst it is useful to compile test results and keep them to yourself it is equally more important to the peer group to circulate such information at a point in time and space. This is important relevant to the analogies often quoted in life about (a) living on one's laurels and (b) the grass growing under one's feet.

Some good examples where sharing information is far better than keeping it yourself.

1. In a court of law the chance to present alternatives is lost in a one-chance-presentation if prior disclosure has not been made.

2. The chance to form common ground with one's peer's is yet another example

3. As a third example, what about actually knowing what type of information is available. Do remember some love the idea of psychological smoke and mirrors. However, forensics, the law of evidence, universities and education are poor for it for those the system that indulges "bluff". Also, bluff has no place in forensics and evidential standards. 

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