Monday, November 14, 2011

Urban bike to charge mobile phones

Urban bikes to charge mobile phones

With the Olympic Games 2012 not far off we learned on the radio news today that apparently the level of security now extends to possible use of ground-to-air-missiles.  It did make me wonder, though, has anyone thought about how mobile phones/devices were going to remain charged up? Well here's an idea..... 

Two new urban bikes called Starke 1 and 2 from German maker Silverback (silverbacklab) incorporate a USB charger connector enabling mobile phones and other mobile devices to be charged using pedal power. 

This could be quite an appealing feature for London's own bicycle-mad little rascal, Mayor Boris Johnson (photo couresty of thisislondon). Reeaadddy!...Steeeaaddddy!...GO !

Whenever I see Boris or hear him speaking abouts bikes I wonder whether he would be as enthusiastic about riding one if he had to ride a pennyfathering (photo courtesy of to work?  Perhaps Nick Ferrari, LBC's ( early morning erudite radio presenter, could ask Boris what Olympic security measures has he considered for London's own pedal-power coppers?

The urban bike with a USB charger could be a good idea for Summer 2012. The police could tear around the place wearing their black-lycra SWAT gear cyclist outfits whilst charging up their mobile devices without having to stop and charge up their mobiles at the local boozer. From Bow Street Runs to Green and Keen Pedallers. Crikey !

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