Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Screenspy program can read texts and emails

The NewScientist online website ran an article on the 2nd November 2011 about new surveillance method relating to a touchscreen spy that reads text and email messages on your smart phone.

"......dubbed iSpy, that can identify text typed on a touchscreen from video footage of the screen or even its reflection in windows or sunglasses. Video from an ordinary mobile phone camera can be used to spy on a person from 3 metres away. And a snoop with a digital SLR camera that shoots HD video could read a screen up to 60 metres away."

"Their method exploits a feature meant to aid typing on small touchscreens: magnified keys. Letters on a virtual Android or iPhone keyboard pop up in larger bubbles when pressed. The program analyses video footage and identifies the letters based on the bubble locations on screen. Pop-ups for neighbouring letters like E and R can overlap, so the program assigns an accuracy probability to each detected letter. The program correctly identifies letters more than 90 per cent of the time.."

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