Friday, June 03, 2011

Update on Forensic Webblog Posts

Update on Forensic Webblog Posts

Cell Site Analysis
Radio Survey Field Notes
CSA Training Explanatory Diagram
iOS 4.3.3 deletion of Location Cache
Requesting Cell Site Data

Forensic Mobile Examination
Handset Examination in 1995
sn0wbreeze unthethering Windows iPhones
Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5

Examination and Evidence from SIM and USIM Cards
Answer To Reset (ATR)
Blackberry Forensic Analysis

Billing & Call Detail Record Analysis
Vodafone CDR data
Mobile Evidence CDR/Billing Course
Call Detail Record (CDR) GSM Mobile Telephone Call


Mobile Telephone Blogs Approved Access Only

I have endeavoured to be free with sharing knowledge and information over many years through my blogs, but given the changing economy, UK and global events and advancements in forensics, the nature of the technical content, new developments and examination techniques and legal information will only be accessible to approved law enforcement personnel, security specialists and authorised individuals. The following blogs are now approved access only:

Cell Site Analysis

Forensic examination and evidence from SIM an USIM

Forensic examination and evidence from Mobile and Smart Phones

Forensic analysis of Billing and CDR Records

Mobile Telephone Evidence ( will of course remain an open.

The criteria for authorised access to blogs:

a) Law Enforcement
b) Security Services (MI5, MI6, CID, SB, FBI....)
b1) Security Specialists - a proveable record in security for
networks, digital forensics, handsets, SIM, CDR etc
c) Authorised individuals

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