Thursday, June 02, 2011

Radio Survey Field Notes

Radio Survey Field Notes

The CSA Training Explanatory Diagram illustrated (previous thread) some of the codes identified in the broadcast radio identities. At this stage the examiner/expert might want to get an early indicator of what this information could mean when attributed to other knowledge, previously acquired, about the target location of interest where radio test measurements are scheduled to be conducted.   

Of course, if you have a keen eye you will note the document is not acquainted with complete pre-profiled cell site details. These details are excluded for a reason, which I shall come onto later. For now it is useful to analyse the Explanatory Diagram content and cross-reference it with the Radio Survey Field Notes.

Some questions:

- What sort of  information do you think can be taken for granted that need not be included into the Field Notes that is in the Explanatory Notes?
- What identities are absence by their omission from the Field Notes that are in the Explanatory Diagram?
- Do you think those identities should be in the field notes?

The purpose of pushing these points is that often evidence is omitted and examiners/experts will certainly need that information to hand when preparing for their opinion, writing a report and giving evidence.  

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