Monday, June 27, 2011

iCloud MobileMe Quota Storage

iCloud MobileMe Quota Storage

As with most things in the digital world and examining evidence, it is essential for an examiner to understand the way in which a product or service works and the options that brings, as opposed to only considering the stored data that is discovered upon initial examination.

There has been alot of discussions in the forensic community about iCloud and its impact on off-device storage access and examination. Interesting to note then that MobileMe storage quotas are in place, as recently observed:

If the user only wants to keep to the 5GB limit and doesn't delete data and the devcie storage is equally full, is newer data automatically deleted or stored elsewhere? I only raise the point because with increased data flowing in and out of mobile phones, this could impact on data connected to one issue being spread across several storage locations. 

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