Thursday, May 18, 2017

Study into Carving Validation

At the LinkedIn Group "Institute for Digital Forensics" ( ) we are pleased to announce Dr Graeme Horsman PhD, BSc (Hons), MJur (Dur), PGCertHE, SFHEA from the Faculty of Computer Science University of Sunderland has joined the Group and wants to seek assistance from practitioners, in-house test and examination departments and laboratories regarding thoughts on testing in terms of the tools that are used. This is in terms of strategies etc., given the importance (albeit it has always been important) with ISO standards etc. Do IDF members have their own "test data and strategy that they roll out on new software/releases"? This is in relation to potential value of an automated test data generator for known good content from which to evaluate parsing/carving algorithms. This would be with respect to "carving validation" so test data would be geared towards such algorithms. Dr Horsman would appreciate as much feedback as possible and wants to engage in discussions to facilitate this study.

Access to content and discussions is open to LinkedIn members who request and are approved for membership to the Group "Institute for Digital Forensics.

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