Sunday, May 28, 2017

Forensic Chip Off - Notes in Progress

Thanks for those who have taken the Survey for Digital Forensics Tool Testing so far. For those who haven't taken the 4-mins survey which only has 15 easy to read questions to answer, please do so ( digital-forensics-tool-testing.html ). The larger the pool of anonymous answers being returned to the Faculty of Computer Science University of Sunderland for Dr. Graeme Horsman to analyse the better the feedback to you and the digital forensics community, as a whole, will be when Graeme publishes the findings.

Below are two youtube videos. Watch them both as they provide an interesting account of removing iPhone 5 ICs. These are general repair services for iPhone and not promoted as forensic chip off.  In particular, pay attention to whether there are any good working practices and whether the operator's manner is acceptable for handling an exhibit?

Three observations I will share are (1) should the operator be wearing anti-static glovers?; (2) how would you keep contemporaneous notes (CN) simultaneously whilst removing a chip?; and (3) should you be testing chip off tools to understand their limitations before using them for chip removal and chip reading?

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