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SDD: TRIM, GC and Greedy Garbage etc

SDD: TRIM, GC and Greedy Garbage etc

It is amazing how we can all look at the same subject but still have a wide range of views. If the discussion is about TRIM and GC then the two should not be confused. That is fair warning, but isn't there something quite obvious in the two different titles? If we extend confusion further what Write Amplification or hot and cold data or SSDs with no TRIM feature at all? The diversity in opinions may well be put down to has:

(a) conducted tests and
(b) which tests were they
(c) any standard involved
(d) any manufacturer spec involved and
(e) any research material read influencing the thought processes?

Who knows the answers as many of the discussions read rarely identify the sources of knowledge.

I cannot guarantee you that this thread will provide all the answers but here are some sources of information that may help. Perhaps you can contribute, too? The materials are not arranged in any particular order.

why-ssd-destroy-court-evidence -

ssd-2014 -

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Kingston on Garbage Collection -

On the Optimality of Greedy Garbage Collection for SSDs -

Write Amplification -

A Mean Field Model for a Class of Garbage Collection
Algorithms in Flash-based Solid State Drives

Establishing Professional Guidelines for SSD Forensics: A Case Study -

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Modelling and Managing SSD Write-amplification -

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