Friday, October 12, 2012

PM Cameron needs new ideas

PM Cameron needs new ideas

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, needs new ideas. If £30 million (just spending £2 million on a cyber centre is not the true cost) can be found for cybercrime, like finding loose change in a pocket, then things aren't as bad as we are all being led to believe. Indeed, if there is more public money being put into even more CCTV surveillance in this country then a clear picture is emerging that there is money, which, maybe, it might be accepted the money is being spent wisely, it is still being spent nonetheless.

Speaking on national television and radio, the PM espoused the virtuses of hardwork. Excellent! People are already working longer hours for less pay and much lower pay than the real value of their jobs. So they have already taken on board that principle before the PM said it. By way of illustration, a class of person, rapidly being turned into and treated like an underclass of person are those in their 60s and 70s with a wealth of knowledge and experience who are being ignored at shop-floor level. They have the guts and courage to still be working. Perhaps its the younger generational thing, but the older generation are without doubt an inspiration. I admire the woman of 67 I saw working at the supermarket customer desk at 7pm at night. The customer counter, by the way, is situated by the main doors so as the cold air rushes in it blasts her in the face and body. Seems to me she is doing her bit and I see many women and men of a similar age still soldiering on.  So there is harmony between the PM words and the factual practice of the hard work ethic by British workers. But that needs to be turned into tangible value we can all enjoy (and not merely enjoyed for people at a certain level) for that is the way distribution of wealth and value is supposed to work.

Much has been openly spoken on, and laughed at, by various sources having a hoot that British parliament and politics has been run like episodes from the comedy series Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. I wonder whether if equal attention has been paid to the rebuilding programmes e.g. introduced through the concept of the Kindergarten. Indeed, perhaps looking at working/worker & management participation backed by an industrial franchise. George Osbourne made a mistake recently when he referred to workers, management and the taxman all working together. The original idea is infact worker, management and 'government' (not a single department of it) working together.

By the way, some good news about mobile technology can be found in the latest World Bank Report - IC4D 2012: Maximizing Mobile,,contentMDK:23190786~pagePK:210058~piPK:210062~theSitePK:282823,00.html


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