Tuesday, October 30, 2012



As Orange/T-Mobile has launched Everything Everywhere (EE) 4G/LTE ahead of the other major UK MNO players I took a web-stroll over to their website to look at their coverage checker.


Improving the coverage checker maps
I made several post code area searches to familiarise myself how coverage is presented. It isn't up to much at this stage. Too much vague generality, whereas customers, I think, would much prefer to see a single cell coverage map for each BTS/NodeB/eNode (or Mast, so to speak) identifying signal strength (defined by colours) coverage every 100-metres (small cell) or 500-metres (macro-cell) or in the alternative coverage including coloured signal strength upto the equal power boundary.   

Skyfall, MI5 and MI6
During my search I looked at various locations and, as I have recently been to see the latest Bond 007 Film, 'Skyfall' ('excellent' is my rating), I wondered what MI5 and MI6 coverage would be like? A quick web search for the addresses and enter post code to EE's website and here is coverage to MI5 HQ:

Naturally, they get excellent coverage.

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