Saturday, July 28, 2012

Clueful knows what iPhone apps are doing

For those wishing to retain privacy or those involved in eDiscovery, investigation, examination and/or evidence Bitdefender's Clueful identifies deviant apps on an iPhone currently running in memory allowing user's to identifying what an apps is doing and read an audit report accessed at Clueful Cloud. The audit report identifies:
  • which apps can access your address book;
  • which apps gather analytics in order to monitor you;
  • which apps can track your location;
  • which apps can access your Facebook or Twitter credentials;
  • which apps display ads;
  • which apps drain your battery through their improper use of background services, such as GPS or audio services.
This is one of those tools which highlights why mobile/smart phone examination is not simply limited to physical and logical data extraction but places an emphasis on examiners/investigators having additional capability to possess a wide range of information beyond harvested data and provide interpretations about possible activities on a particular handset.

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