Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Smart Card Hacking

Smart Card Hacking

Back in 2002 I wrote about SIM Card Cloning for examiners to demonstrate the state of the market place, where software and hardware was being openly promoted that researchers could obtain and what might an examiner be exposed to when examining a cloned SIM Card. A copy of that report can be downloaded here:

SIM Card Cloning

In 1998 I circulated  a report (UPD5-1 Vol1 - FEN98) on Smart Card Hacking to members of the British Association of Criminal Experts (BACE). The archive report has been scanned page by page and put into acrobat.pdf format and can now be downloaded here:

Smart Card Hacking

The smart card hacking report has an interesting description for classification of the various levels of criminal activity in addition to techniques of smart card hacking. This particular report was the one that inspired me to write about SIM Card Cloning for exmainers. Once again thanks and respect to Ross Anderson and Markus Kuhn.

It is important to consult the laws of the country you are in when dealing with research for cloning SIM Cards. This blog article does not promote or advocate anyone to break the law by cloning or attempting to clone SIM cards for the purposes of obtaining services or breaching property rights belonging to respective particular network operators etc.

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