Monday, November 08, 2010

CSA and seamless roaming

CSA and seamless roaming

UK seamless roaming on the H3G to O2 and H3G to Orange always added further dimensions needing to be investigated when conducting cell site analysis (CSA). However, with Orange's announcement today (08/10/10), sent by text message to its customers, will mean extending seamless roaming investigations now to Orange and T-Mobile too.

Call and text in even more places

Now you can pick up a signal from both the Orange and T-Mobile networks in the UK which means that you can call and text in even more places.
  • Your phone will use T-Mobile signal if it doesn't pick up an Orange signal
  • Your charges stay the same when you use T-Mobile signal
  • Nothing else will change, you'll just get more network coverage
This provides further corroboration that simplifying investigations and not spending the appropriate time conducting radio tests and cross-referencing to the appropriate network records can lead to erroneous findings and reported flawed opinions to the client and court.

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