Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mobile Phones Carrying Warning Signs

Mobile Phones Carrying Warning Signs

Back in 1997 the journailist Michael Fleet wrote in the Daily Telegraph Tuesday May 6th about a report that I had written calling for mobile phones to carry warning signs informing users about the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving - copy of the newspaper article is here:

At the time of my report it was made following the case of the first prosecuted case of death by reckless mansalughter caused by driving whilst the driver was using a mobile telephone in which I was the prosecution mobile telephone expert. The deceased injuries sustained from that RTA were horrific and therefore my call for warning signs on mobile phones had purpose.  As digital mobile communications was still a young, growing industry in the UK in 1997 my idea didn't find much favour because of the econimic and political climate back then.

I read an article in September 2010 titled "US official wants 'distracted driving' label on cell phones, reported by Karin Zeitvogel (AFP) – Sep 21, 2010" that in essence suggests a similar approach to the one I made 13 years earlier. The article is here:

US official wants 'distracted driving' label on cell phones:

I wonder if as the person making the challenge this time around is a US government official (US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood) raising the topic his idea will find favour or will the suggestion fall on deaf ears and not find favour?

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