Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Domestic Abuse is a Crime

Domestic Abuse is a Crime

If there was a public stand and famous people such as Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh were stood on it promoting X-Factor no doubt crowds would pack around the stand listening adoringly to these famous people. Should we really need fame in our immediate presence then to pay the same equal attention when two ordinary non-famous people publicly speak about those who oppress, create mental fear and inflict physical pain and suffering?

Walking in the Surrey town of Dorking today in the area of an open air arcade there was such a stand and two women were there promoting help for those that have or are suffering from Domestic Abuse. No crowds thronged to stop and listen to their message. These two women represent relatively the unheard in our society who speak out on Domestic Abuse and the help that is available. They are the people who give their time freely and rarely get recognised for what they do. Well done to the two women I saw and spoke with today; one who outlined cultural domestic abuse and another an off duty Surrey Police Officer giving up her time to get the message out and familiar with Abuse crimes that she encounters during her work. Victims, I learned, can be women, children and men caught up in a cycle of abuse in relationships who may feel trapped and unable to speak out or speak up for themselves. Men, I understand, don't speak up because they feel too ashamed to tell anyone.

The statistics for Domestic Abuse crime in the UK makes very sad reading indeed and why I wanted to make this small contribution to help by offering to mention the Groups and their contact points where victims can go, get help and seek advice. All enquiries are in complete and strictist confidence.

If you are a victim, don't suffer in silence. Even if you are unsure but just want to check out where you stand - these are very skilled people who can help, if you will let them.

Surrey Women's Aid 24-hour help-line: 01483-776822
Caterham Police Station: 01483-630292
East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services: 01737-771350
North Surrey Outreach: 01932-260690
Your Sanctuary Surrey helpline: 01483-776822
Childline: 0800 1111
National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247



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