Sunday, July 23, 2017


Smart Switch is a useful back-up and restore tool for particular user-content on various (but not all) Samsung smartphones. To coin a phrase the program "does what it says on the tin". For general user back-up and restore of certain data it avoids the need for uploading to the cloud.
We've been running some tests to see if Samsung Smart Switch back-up/restore utility could be used for capturing forensic images from e.g. the J3. The program was initially checked using CFF to check the internals to find files guarded by MD5 and SHA-1:
Before forensic examinations are undertaken we ran tests as a user and purchased 3 x J3.
The J3 handsets were UK versions:
We see the US versions are compatible for use with Samsung Knox for BYOD:
This is an early evaluation, so the post is just a heads-up so you can check within your organisation/s.
This post is not a legal notice or  anything else.

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