Friday, April 14, 2017

Cyber-teaching: bite-size learning No:5

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) may sound quite off-putting if your organisation is a small-to-medium sized enterprise (SME). What does ATA do? Microsoft latest playbook (2017) creates a simulation learning environment where IT administrators for servers and computers can train and gain experience in searching for clues where attack (infiltration) to a network/s has occurred. Take it that it offers a primer allowing admins to play around and gain experience to find artefacts (entry points, failed privileges ...etc.).

Microsoft ATA Playbook defines this FREE publication as "This article will walk through the credential theft attack techniques by using readily available research tools on the Internet.  At each point of the attack we will show how Microsoft’s  Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) helps IT organizations gain visibility into these post-infiltration activities happening in their environments.

What SMEs should appreciate at first instance is that it hasn't cost anything to find out. More importantly, with this enhanced knowledge it may assist when IT departs to investigate, but understanding and analysing post-infiltration techniques might still requires securing evidence in a sound manner; cyber investigation is just one aspect, forensic acquisition of evidence showing cyber attack is another.

Advanced Threat Analytics Attack Simulation Playbook 2017

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