Friday, April 10, 2015

Free Mobile JTAG Training and Tools

Visitors to may recall a discussion thread posted back in 2012 regarding a JTAG Tutorial The purpose of that thread was to enable students, newcomers and experienced mobile/smart phone examiners to get a feel for JTAG before undertaking such examinations or purchasing tools etc.

Today, Kevin Swartz from has released a FREE three-part training course specifically for JTAGing smart phones. Kevin has dropped a line to me saying "Hi Greg, yes, please feel free to link to any of our free resources pages:".

The FREE three-part training course:

PDF Download:

JTAG 101 videos:

JTAG 102 videos:

Thanks Kevin. You're a decent chap for your kind gesture to help out students, newcomers and experienced examiners in the community.

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