Friday, June 06, 2014

D-Day 6th June

On the 6th June 2011 I wrote about D-Day at this blog. I did so because much of history was being forgotten by the younger generation. When I posted the thread below the blog received nearly 3000 hits in a few days. In 2014, we are now seeing a substantial increase, reported in the papers and on television, raising awareness about this day and other important historical dates that allow the young generation to re-connect with their heritage. It is so important to keep this knowledge flowing from generation to generation if the mistakes of the past are not to be forgotten but, worse still, to be repeated.

Today, this day, is remembrance of those men and women who fought, and so many gave their lives, to bring hope that we could enjoy our sunny days of freedom. 

This photo reminds me of how appropriate it is to use the words real heros.  

D-Day 6th June

I mentioned today's important date to a number of people. Quite a few had forgotten the date and mainly the younger generation didn't know about events that took place on this date back in 1944.

For anyone who may have missed it or might want to know more, here are some links providing the historical background.

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