Sunday, July 28, 2013

Forensic Erosion

The BBC website identifies a report by MPs that presents findings that many see as the chaotic forensic landscape in Britain today:

But there are other issues needing to be addressed, too.

In some ways the situation reminds me when I responded back in 2005, along with many others I should add, to a public consultation document on legal aid and engagement of consultants and experts in the UK. There is only so much that one can put into a document with the natural expectation that further questions would be asked of the author about its content in order to undestand the minutiae operating behind any opinion or solutions put forward. The solution I put forward was to remodel and reduce or remove regional distortion with respect to the expert fees and the forensics landscape.

Specific Skillset Education (SSE)
As many of you will know I have never pretended to come from an academic background, and despite many attempts by some to insult me due to their own fears that non-academics can know considerably more, I took their hostile approach and made positive of their negative approach by calling for academic qualifications in the area of forensics with which I am concerned - Germane and relevant then why, with the explosive growth and use of mobile communications, after four years there still no standalone academic qualifications in mobile forensics and evidence? There are some academic forensics courses that placed this important area into one-off mini-module to another degree course but it has been and still is plainly obvious that could never meet the standard automatically expected from proper academic skillsets qualifications that were and are needed. The current situation raises the notion that a person need not be academically qualified to intellectualise this subject, but would still require huge knowledge, skillsets and experience to get through. However, concerns about ready-made tools have given rise to what the professional community has called and is calling 'push button forensics' ( ) that implants the notion qualifications are not necessary. Alternatively, it is also noted Universities simply may not possess the knowledge, skillsets and experience to impart what is needed to students. What is needed is specific skillset education (SSE) to avoid jack of all trades, master of none.

Possible Solution
Perhaps the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee could look at giving support to people (like me and others) and allow us together with Parliament to create qualifications directly linked to a Prize Degree coming from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee enabling citizens of this country to re-connect with Parliament. This would create a cushion. In other words, people want more out of Parliament and not just to feel but actually enjoy the experience Parliament serves all areas. Having a Parliamentary Commitee qualification can help do that.

Of course, my observations maybe seen as a novel idea but it would actually fill the gaps being left open by Universities that are unable to deal with a fast changing society and technology revolution and where people with long term knowledge, skill and experience are not working as University lecturers.         

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