Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Age UK introduces mobile for elderly

Age UK introduces mobile for elderly

Evidential examiners may not expect to find our elderly senior citizens getting into bother and doing things they really ought not. If one or two do decide to go off the rails and grow old disgracefully they might decide they want to use simplified smartphone technology to contact their posse.  Age UK and CyCell have got together to produce Age UK My Phone. Reviewed by phonesreview.co.uk the website says it is "a very easy to use mobile phone that is lightweight and credit-card sized weighing only 40 grams, and sports only 8 buttons that can be customised to contact the users loved ones with one press, whilst answering the handset is as simple as pressing a single answer button."

So if you want to see one of these new mobiles then get along to one of the 200 Age UK shops located throughout England. Apparently, the smartphone cost £55, has a range of flexible 30-day rolling price plans, and comes in eleven colours. No need to hunt for the phonebook as all the contact names can be found on the main screen. I could see other uses for this new smartphone, too. Perhaps parents may get one for their child, giving the child limited mobile access to contact home or friends and raise money for Age UK at the same time. A bonus could also be for the younger generation to be introduced to the excellent work of charities for the elderly, such as Age UK, by visiting their shops.

The Age UK My phone appears to be part of a growing market manufacturing trend internationally creating smartphone user-friendly interfaces for senior citizens, which is highlihted in this later CNET article Design of the times the secret to creating cell phones for seniors

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