Sunday, August 12, 2012

Roll Call - 10 Years Service to Mobile Phone Examination

Roll Call - 10 Years Service to Mobile Phone Examination

The MTEB is endeavouring to track down nearly 400 people to provide a Certificate of Recognition to each one for their 10 years service record in mobile telephone examination since 2002-2004.

The Roll Call Record, below, will continue to evolve as Certificates are issued. 

Vinny Parmer - Independent Examiner
Philip Jones - ex-Staffordshire Police
Michael Ball - Metropolitan Police
Mary Latus - Humberside Police
Martyn Shingler - Staffordshire Police
Mike Scott - Sectior Forensics
Mark Wells - Humberside Police
Lloyd Barrington-Smith - Metropolitan Police
Lincoln Christer - Lincolnshire Police
Leslie Langwith - Metropolitan Police
Kenneth Ginn - Metropolitan Police
James Haywood - Humberside Police
James Gordon - West Mercia Police
Gary Woolston - Humberside Police
Lester Wilson - Crownhill Associates
Fred Thompson - Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Gary Waite - Quantaq Solutions
David Langmead - West Midlands Police
Andy Gill - Radio Tactics Limited
Craig Wall - West Midlands Police

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