Friday, January 27, 2012

15 years charged AA Battery Mobile Phone

15 years charged AA Battery Mobile Phone

It's a mobile phone (not smartphone) with voice and SMS and on top of that offers a patented battery power technology (XPAL). Just when pundits push users to use enriched smartphone UMTS/LTE along comes SpareOnePhone, with dual band GSM RF chipset, and smashes through the veneer of claims that GSM is on its last legs. I LOVE IT. The mobile phone is simple, no nonsense, straightforward and doesn't over-hype features, as has been done with smartphones only to find they are a let down. This handset sells at approximately $50.00 apparently.

The company technical blurb for SpareOne says "SpareOne is a dual band GSM cell phone featuring patented technology enabling it to be powered using the most common and widely available battery, an AA (Alkaline, NiMH or Lithium). It boasts an incredible talk time of up to 10 hours* and can keep its charge for up to 15 years*[1] if unused, making it the only cell phone that provides true reliability. SpareOne recommends Energizer® Ultimate Lithium, as it is the longest-lasting AA battery designed for high-tech devices, holding a charge longer than any other AA battery chemistry.

"SpareOne, equipped with an Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA battery and a Micro SIM card, will be available nationwide in Q1 2012 on the official site – Different versions – for the Unites States, Europe and Asia – will be available with WCDMA frequency options for selected regions." 

The appeal of this handset should covers a broad spectrum of society from the elderly (senior citizen) who simply want to make calls, for parents who do not want their children having smartphones ( and internet access, for students with low financial resources and a back-up handset for anyone who left their battery charger at home. Imagine that just being able to go into the a store and buy a AA lithium battery and voila you're back on line.

For mobile phone examiners a short user guide can be downloaded here: user-manual.pdf . I suspect that given the use of a micro SIM card the handset's may use the SIM for any stored messages, phone numbers and LND etc. 

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