Tuesday, September 20, 2011

7.5 trillion mobile communications

7.5 trillion mobile communications

My recent post discussed mobile growth areas, as many have at this blog (just search past posts) and highlights the current European trend with smart-phones. A recognition of the British localised trends in the mobile marketplace can be read about here: UK_CMR_2011_FINAL.pdf

A news article about an Ovum report suggests the quantity of mobile -calls -texts -images and video messages will reach 7.5 trillion this year.  Moreover, it is reported:  "In a new forecast, the independent telecoms analyst also predicts that the market will generate revenues of $153 billion this year, up 8% on last year’s performance."

From analysis of a number of cross-market conditions by various market analysts these indicators provide useful coordinates about the future of mobile forensics and evidence. It is very positive, but there is a natural consequence of that success; adjustments will need to be made. Those trends cannot help but bring change and imply there will be a need for transformation from the current investigatory set up and a shake up of the stoggy and bloated surface-level superficiality stifling and damaging the approrpriate structural processes inherent in the mobile forensics and evidence tree, perhaps illustrated by the way in which honey-fungus of the genus Armillaria variety eats at the very core of a tree.

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