Saturday, May 28, 2011

Evolving Cell Site Analysis (CSA)

Evolving Cell Site Analysis (CSA)

In 23 years of dealing with a range of cellular radio systems TACS, GSM and WCDMA and, lately, a little of LTE, in addition to NFC work, generates a measured confidence in dealing with change when it occurs.

The word 'Re-farming' of 900 MHz , largely a play word, the core of which is based upon re-allocation of spectrum from one technology and service to another (eg GSM TDMA to 3G WCDMA), and local inter-operator roaming (Orange and T-Mobile) are two such changes to which CSA is exposed. These changes are, though, nothing more than evolution in a innovation driven and commercially challenging market place. Knowledge doesn't simply disappear overnight because these changes have occurred.

Operator and spectrum imposed changes appear to have generated perhaps understandable concerns, but the premise of these concerns might actually be based upon misconceptions about how those changes impact on cell site analysis. Concerns, such as, a no-can do approach; a patch fix is needed; the notion that is all you are going to get; to a loss of evidence with the introduction of changes, are a variety I have heard. The introduction of Everything Everywhere is another good example in point. Many of the constraints currently being purveyed in the marketplace would require ignoring a considerable body of information.

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Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring!! Simply running out with a piece of test equipment and having a few shots at a target, chatting with several people or referring to comments on the web really isn't appropriate qualification for the matter under scrutiny when one is not fully certain of (figuratively speaking) the enemy.

Cell site analysis doesn't suffer from evidential menigitis just because changes take place, as there are a huge range of factors and information that need to be considered first when making a diagnosis of the matter in order to determine a prognosis.

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