Friday, February 04, 2011

Mobile Device Tech-Genetics

Mobile Device Tech-Genetics

I assume mobile phone examinations will start to see the introduction of mobile devices with human thumbs connected to them being brought into the Lab. Testing the thumbs for evidence wont be a problem. DNA and fingerprinting is common for mobile devices and their associated SIM/USIM/Memory Cards. But just how TFK (Trew Forensic Kit), Oxygen Forensics, Cellebrite, XRY, MobilEdit etc will cope with the thumbs, which provides the interface to the device, is another matter. Perhaps this requires developing some type of tech-generic ears that act as couplers/data interface in which to stick those thumbs, no!?
Future possibilities of video streaming data straight to the brain could also be offered, too. A commercial service of 100 megeBytes download at £16.50 a month, may be? I can visualise the advertisement: 'We make worthwhile products, even better. The Trewly best ideas are why Trew are the market innovator and leader.' Well, why not, everyone else says it.....

.....anyone got the number for the Stock Exchange?

The video, by the way, is courtesy of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play commercial available on YouTube.

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