Friday, March 19, 2010

Seminar on GSM Standards

Seminar on GSM Standards
It is clear that associated with mobile phone examination to obtain evidence that examiners must read the GSM Standards to understand the data evidence and whether the devices used acquire the data. The concern amongst examiners still exists because there are so many Standards current and historical and each providing variations on obtaining evidence and interpretation that it is a daunting task to know where to start. Would it be worth having a one-day seminar in the UK to go through the GSM Standards. Standards can change 2-3 times a year and presenting the information at a seminar would assist in getting across important facts and guide through how to get to the appropriate information in them. I wont be charging for my time to prepare the presentation and present the findings.

So that delegates can attend free of charge I am also looking for:
1) Sponsor (to pay) for the Seminar room/hall
2) A location must be near to a central train station (not requiring loads of train changes)
3) Sponsor (to pay) for the teas/coffee and sandwiches etc
4) Exhibitors at the Seminar
Can you send some feedback whether you are interested in attending or sponsoring.

UPDATE: Seminar on GSM Standards


Upon completion of the seminar, the participant should:

• Understand the GSM Standards development and legal references

• Be aware of GSM system standards relevant to the examination or investigation

• Have an awareness of GSM interfaces to comprehend symbiotic relationships for call/data tracing

• To know where to look to attribute identity conventions

• Know availability of standards

There are five presentation modules:

1) Introduction

2) GSM System Standards

3) GSM Specified Interfaces (10 + 1)

4) Identifier Conventions

5) Access to Standards

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