Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mobile Phone that fires bullets

Mobile Phone that fires bullets
For those that read today's Daily Mail 26th November 2008 or went online to Mail Online, will probably have noticed the article titled "Dial M for murder: The Mafia gun disguised as a mobile phone" By Nick Pisa. The weblink to the article is below:

This mobile phone gun has been news for quite sometime, although there have been few incidences where there have been published newspaper reports and therefore the Daily Mail and Mail Online article make useful historical reference material.

Indeed, there has been a video in circulation on the Internet about a mobile phone gun for quite sometime and a copy of the video is below.

It is for that reason why this mobile phone weapon is discussed in the section on safety first when handling mobile phone weapons in the TrewMTE Mobile Telephone Seizure Procedure guidelines and observations for examiners who may come across such a weapon. The guidelines will soon be finished but there have been some new developments in mobile phone seizure and handling procedures that require to be addressed before publication.

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